Harfang AE-01

Harfang AE-01 : High accuracy large volume positionning system

The Harfang AE-01 system is a modular measurement solution tracked by the iGPS system. A collaborative robot position a measurement sensor or an effector in a space as large as a complete factory. The sensor performs high accuracy local measurements, and these measurements are localized in the large volume thanks to the iGPS system. The Harfang AE-01 cand be used for several applications, from high precision measurement in large volumes, to arrurate positioning of production tools. 

The Harfang AE-01 allows large volume and high accuracy positionning of :

  • Measurement systems : 3D scanners, confocal sensors, laser lines, probes, cameras
  • Effectors : cutting, drilling, polishing, machining

Système Harfang AE-01 avec capteur confocal

The Harfang AE-01 uses iGPS technology to locate the effector of one or more robots in space. The use of iGPS targets allows the acquisition of measurements through the location of various equipments. This system is infinitely configurable to meet large-scale metrological assembly needs.

In addition to inspection and quality control, this technology allows the real-time alignment of structures (dynamic measurements), realizing assemblies in the metrological requirements the first time. Different measurement and assembly applications can be carried out independenly and simultaneously with the same system, allowing a very flexible production solution. 

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