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Reaction Dynamics and Advanced Dimensional Metrology Solution Integrator, Amrikart Ultraprecision announce Partnership to support the development of new generation of low-cost orbital launcher.

February 9, 2021 | Badr Boushel

Montreal, Qc, Canada | February 9, 2021 – Amrikart Ultraprecision, a leading North American integrator of high-precision metrology solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Reaction Dynamics (RDX), a Canadian based space company whose mission is to develop Canada’s first orbital rocket. The partnership consists of continuous support of Reaction Dynamics’ engineering and production operations. With over 30-year in the space and aviation manufacturing industry, Amrikart Ultraprecision will assist Reaction Dynamic by providing measurement services, dimensional data analysis and metrology solutions needed to develop RDX’s propulsion technologies and orbital rocket.

“Advanced metrology solutions had been identified as a key enabler in the development of Reaction Dynamics’s new generation of low-cost orbital launcher. Amrikart Ultraprecision have demonstrated that they are a partner of choice in this sector. Their expertise helps us track and forecast dimensional issues, which in turns results in more efficient operations overall.” Said Bachar Elzein – CEO and CTO of Reaction Dynamics Lab Inc.

“It is a privilege to be partnering with Reaction Dynamics and to contribute with our high-precision metrology expertise to the development of the first Canadian orbital launch vehicle. This partnership will allow Amrikart to demonstrate again its capability in delivering innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our team is passionate about aerospace technologies and they take a profound pleasure working with RDX engineers.” Said Nathalie Tremblay – Vice president and Co-founder of Amrikart Ultraprecision.

About Reaction Dynamics

Founded in 2016, Reaction Dynamics (RDX) is developing rockets to provide routine access to earth's orbit.

The company is vertically integrated, and its current focus areas include rocket propulsion, structures, and avionics. The team applies a fast-paced, hardware-focused, agile approach to space launch, enabling the space industry to avail itself of a faster, cheaper, and more reliable access to space.

Its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending hybrid propulsion technology enables these affordable launch services with short lead times. Its innovative approach solves the persisting issue with hybrid engines: limited performance over long duration burn times. Its patent-pending rocket engine features a low part count to ensure reliability and fast production and environmentally safe propellants to minimize clean-up demands and allow for safe storage. With this technology, RDX aims to deliver dedicated yet affordable launch services, opening new space utilization possibilities to small satellite companies.

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About Amrikart Ultraprecision

Amrikart Ultraprecision, founded in 1988, is part of the Amrikart Group, sole proprietary of the iGPS system technology, and a Hexagon Metrology partner. Amrikart Ultraprecision specializes in a growing branch of metrology, that of high-precision dimensional measurement and positioning.

Amrikart offers complete 3D measurement and alignment services as well as turnkey automated solutions to improve the manufacturing and assembly of small to large-scale products in the fields of aviation, space, defence, marine, transport and energy. Amrikart stands out in the market with the design and implementation of real-time metrology assisted assembly solutions successfully implemented in Final Assembly Lines of commercial aircrafts (Airbus A220).

The company also provides the support, the engineering expertise, the specialised tooling, and the software applications that take part in its integrated turnkey solutions.

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