Your 3D inspection and scans

Amrikart’s 3D services team offers a turnkey service for your 3D inspection and scans


3D inspections and scans represent the majority of the 3D Service team interventions. Our offer is very diversified and includes :

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Definition of measurement methods
  • Realization of inspections and 3D scans
  • Inspection reports
  • Analysis of the results and expert recommendations
  • Full project management by our professionals
Amrikart is a reference for the inspections of your components.


Amrikart 3D Service Team works in all industrial fields and will meet all your inspection challenges.

3D scan of a mold

3D heatmap deviation of blade

CMM inspection

Aeronotics engine inspection


We use the latest generation instruments: Laser Trackers with probe and 3D scanner, CMM arm with 3D scanner, CMM.

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Worldwide and fast service

Jumping on a plane with all our equipment to go urgently onsite to solve a dimensional problem with our customers is part of our strengths, take adavantage of it!

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