Precision alignments

On-site Alignments


Amrikart’s 3D services team supports all of your assembly and machinery alignment needs, including:

  • High precision leveling
  • Alignment of industrial machinery
  • Rolls and cylinders alignments
  • Production assembly alignment
  • Alignment of robots

Amrikart’s mobile and high precision instruments allow direct alignment of complex machinery and assemblies. Our experts support and advise you to achieve any alignment in the shortest time and with the highest precision.

Lineup Simulation: To Be Right the First Time


The method consists of:

  • Independently measure each part of the assembly, wherever it is
  • Virtually align the assembly by its contact points without having to perform the actual physical alignment. A digital twin of the assembly is then created.
  • Validate the engineering requirements, gaps and possible collisions of the entire assembly before carrying out the actual assembly
  • Optimize the alignment and rework the components if necessary
  • During the actual alignment, guide the structures to their optimum determined destination during the simulated assembly so that everything is right the first time.

This method has the advantages of being able to:

  • - Validate each component and the final assembly before their actual assembly
  • Plan the necessary adjustments before real assembly
  • Modify the components without having to perform the actual assembly, then disassemble it to proceed with needed changes.
  • Transfer operations that could only be carried out when assembly was done, to upstream production stages
  • Validate that the assembly will meet the engineering requirements before its completion
  • Ensure a good assembly the first time


This method has been proven by our experts across all of our activities.