Our field of expertise in shipbuilding


In addition, we intervene as soon as an inspection is required on medium, large or very large parts, requiring precise measurements, with or without contact. We have a diverse range of state-of-the-art portable instruments that allow us to provide a service tailored to your needs. Our team travels all over the world. Thus, we can respond to inspection requests following damage or during maintenance of vessels in dry dock. We then provide detailed reports tailored to the client's needs.



"We started working with the Amrikart 3D service team as a major project was starting on several of our client’s vessels. Beyond their great flexibility and professionalism, we appreciated their level of technical competence and the analytical capacity of Amrikart Ultraprecision metrologists. The service provided goes beyond the simple measurement taking, their dimensional studies and resulting advice allow us to optimize our production and save considerable time. On some projects, we save several days of work thank to their analyzes. We continue to work with Amrikart and recommend them to all manufacturers in the marine industry."

Mr. Charles Leblanc, Project manager, Navamar.