Automated Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey projects include needs analysis, tailor-made solution design and implementation. Our solutions offer software interfaces specifically developed to assist operators, guide them step by step through their work and automatically analyse the data collected. These applications are integrated into the client’s internal information management systems. In addition to offering training to our clients staff, Amrikart provides support during the first factory tests.

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Integrators of iGPS solutions


An iGPS network has unique advantages that would not be possible with other systems:

  • Complete coverage of an unlimited work volume where each sensor position is known continuously and at a very high precision metrology level;
  • Consistent accuracy throughout the measurement volume, typically 200µm (.008 ’’) at 95%;
  • Modularity and flexibility: the number of “satellites” (transmitters) and “targets” (detectors), as well as the density and geometry of the network can be adapted to the dimensions of the workstation;
  • Permanent self-monitoring to prevent any drift (automatic recalibration without operator intervention);
  • Multi-user system allowing real-time applications in several independent cells with the same system, without loss of performance

The user interface supports the operator through every operation they need to perform, whether it is inspection or automated assembly.